COBRA kick-off meeting

The COBRA kick-off meeting has taken place at Aix-Marseille University on 13-14 February 2020. The partners have gathered for the official launch of the project, and a two-day round of discussions focused on the management of the project, the workpackages, the forthcoming recruitment of early-stage researchers, and the project’s first training event to be held in Bratislava in November.

From right to left: Roxane Bertrand (AMU), Esther Klabbers (ReadSpeaker), Liesbeth Degand (UCLouvain), Peter Hagoort (MPI), Laurent Prévot (AMU), Luciano Fadiga (IIT), Philippe Blache (AMU), Yannick Gérard (DAVI), Francisco Sanchez (DAVI), Christine Meunier (AMU), Noël Nguyen (AMU), Alessandro D’Ausilio (IIT), Tommaso Zaccaro (AMU), Sonia Le Meitour (Orange), Séverine Pitel (AMU), Leonardo Lancia (Paris 3), Johanna Kabadanian (AMU), Rosario Tomasello (FUB), Svetlana Trocmé (AMU), Kristof Strijkers (AMU), Stefan Benus (IISAS), Martin Pickering (UEDIN), Maud Champagne-Lavau (AMU), Friedemann Pulvermüller (FUB), Juraj Simko (Helsinki), Milan Rusko (IISAS). Photo taken by Laëtitia Legoupil.

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