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Last week the ESRs, along with their supervisors, met the Project Officer for the midterm review of the COBRA project. We had the opportunity to show our progress, at a personal and a scientific level. Overall, both the senior and the early career researchers were satisfied by what came up during the meeting. All the milestones that were set before the start of the project have been met and the scientific quality of the collective project was maintained. At the same time, we discussed some relevant issues, such as the flexibility and the mental strain that the pandemic imposed on every worker, scientists included. Someones had to delay their data collection and used the unexpected time to deepen their research topic by writing reviews and theoretical pieces; some others re-designed their experiments and ran them online. Still, being flexible and resilient requires a psychological effort that we are not always trained to apply. The pandemic only made it clear what has always been true: mental health issues should be prioritized in individual and collaborative settings. We are actively working to find and create the right network of support.

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